Block Followers on Twitter|How to Block on Twitter

Block Followers on Twitter :

Blocking Some one on any Social media platform is done when you are getting some abusing messages or or you don’t want to know about you with some others or don’t want those specific users to read your tweets then only option to to block them on Twitter . So in this tutorial we will learn on How to Block followers on Twitter

block on twitter

How To Block Followers on Twitter :

Twitter is a interface where your followers can know about your tweets and you can know about your followers , they will be on your twitter timeline so this article is on how to block someone on twitter .

Block some on Whatsapp

Block on Twitter :

Screenshot on MAC

  • Open your twitter account or and sign in to your account
  • Then On your Profile open the Followers list
  • Then there will be a display of the number of followers and there profiles
  • On each profile you will have a Settings Gear . Click and open the Settings and you will have a drop down menu
  • In drop down menu you will find BLOCK option
  • Click on that BLOCK option and your followers will be blocked .

Followers Block on Twitter :

Block someone on Facebook

As we have know how to block on the Twitter , we will learn on whom we have blocked on twitter .

  • Open Profile and settings and you will have the long menu
  • In that Menu you will find the BLOCK option
  • When you open the Block you will have the list of Accounts or followers being Blocked on Twitter

Conclusion : (Block Followers on Twitter )

This is an How to tutorial to block Followers on twitter . comment your queries below on the Comment box .