Block Someone on FACEBOOK – How To

Block Someone on FACEBOOK:

The Facebook is most used and most visited online community and social media in the present era . There are other social media platforms like Twitter , Google Plus but the Facebook is the top platform . So the main problem on the social media these days is the cyber bullying , phishing etc. So we will learn on how to Block some one  FACEBOOK

block on facebook

How To block Someone on FACEBOOK

I think you have a account on FACEBOOK platform and want to know how to block someone on FB . So there are different types of methods to block some one . But before blocking someone make yourself comfortable , do i need to block him or not .

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Block Someone Directly from Profile :

  • Open the profile of the person you want to block

block on facebook

  • Click on the three dots found on his profile click on the dots and you will find the BLOCK

block on facebook

  • Click on the BLOCK and you need to confirm the block the person
  • This is the simple way to block a person on Facebook
  • Delete Browsing history

Block Someone from the Privacy settings on Facebook :

  • Click on the Key button on the right top corner

block on facebook

  • Click the name or email you want to block

block on facebook

  • Find the correct person and confirm the Blocking of person

Block Someone from the Settings on Facebook :

  • Go to SETTINGS
  • You will find BLOCKING on left sidebar

block on facebook

  • Click on that and you will find the Block users
  • Enter the name or mail id to whom you want to block
  • Confirm correct person you want to block
  • That’s it the person is blocked

Conclusion :

To know how to Un block a person we will write on it in other article , do comment your views and any queries on the article How to block someone on Facebook