Change Facebook Account Username-How To

Change Facebook Account Username:

We will discuss on this article on how to change Facebook account username . And this is an How to tutorial on how to change user name of your FB account . As we know the Facebook account is easily to create and also most of the them have an account in the Facebook , the top social networking site in present time .

How to Change your Facebook Account Username  :

block on facebook

To to change your Facebook account USERNAME is so easy , you can also learn on how to change FB password

And there are lots of tutorials i.e like how to block users on Facebook 

  • Open the Facebook account i.e log into your FB account
  • Then on the right top corner you will have a down arrow button and click that any you will have a Drop down Menu . There you can find the SETTINGS in the Menu
  • Open the Settings Tab and you will sent to the “General Account Settings Page ” . In that Page you will have the Username ..
  • You can find the EDIT option . Click on the Edit option and you can start changing the FB username .
  • Click on the Save button and Your USERNAME OF FB ACCOUNT IS CHANGED

FB Account Username change Details:

The Facebook account user name can be changed easily , but remember that the user name of the account should have the compulsory first name and Last name . There cannot be a single name i.e there should be the two words in the FB user name

Conclusion : (Change FB user Name )

We can change the FB (Facebook ) username easily with the above process . This is the way we change the Facebook password .