Create Facebook Account| Signup Create Account Signup:  which is the most visited website on the earth which as nearly a billions of visitor every month. is established in the year 2004, a social networking site in which you can signup for free i.e create Facebook account for free on this social networking site . There is a simple process to create an Facebook account . Create Your Facebook account on mobile , android , iPhone etc .  SO we will learn how to create Facebook account . Sign up | Create Account

Facebook is a good platform where you can be in touch with all your friends anytime anywhere. Also learn on how to create create paytm Account . wiki :

To learn more about the or go to the Wikipedia page of Facebook and learn about it . Google Facebook wiki or Facebook Wikipedia .

Signup for using mobile:

  • Go to and you can create a Facebook account here

create facebook account

  • As above image you will find the box to fill.
  • Enter your First and Second names
  • You need a Email id or Phone number to create an Facebook account . So enter any one in the box
  • Re enter the Email or Phone number
  • Then enter the Password for your Facebook account . Learn how to change facebook password
  • Enter the Date of Birth details (you should me more than 13 years old to create Facebook account)
  • Then Click on the Buttons Male or Female and click on the Create an Account
  • You will have verification code sent to your mail id or phone number
  • Fill the Verification code and You can login to your New Signup for Facebook account

Create account on Mobiles , Android , iPhone and Windows PC  :

So to create a Facebook account is a similar process in all the platforms . Its more easily and similar in mobile phones. Create and Account on mobiles , Android with the Simple process .Follow the above stpes and create your Facebook account login , Login:

create fb account

You can login into your Facebook account anywhere any time and its easy process . Go to the Website and Enter the Mail id or Phone number or username you used to create account and enter the password of the Facebook account . So you can login to Facebook account . send friend request on Facebook


We hope the Article on the create account or how to create a Facebook account . any queries on Create fb account comment down below