Deactivate Facebook Account| Deactivate -How to

Deactivate Facebook Account :

This article is to give you in detail about how to Deactivate Facebook account . So to deactivate a facebook account all you need is to follow the easy steps below and complete the deactivation process . Remember Delete Facebook account is different from Deactivate Facebook account . So know the correct difference and deactivate your Facebook account

How to Deactivate Facebook account :

So to Deactivate a Facebook account is easy , and you can comeback any time after you deactivate a account. So make sure and remember all the log in Credentials before you deactivate FB account. So when you comeback it can be easy to get back to you Facebook profile . Change Fb Password

  • Login to account .
  • Then you will have a down arrow click and you will have a drop down MENU where you can find the SETTINGS in it

fb deactivate account

  • Then when you click in SETTINGS or go to
  • Then on Left sidebar you will have General , Security ..etc , Click and open Security Tab

facebook deactivate account

  • In the End of Tab you will have Deactivate account .
  • After you enter into it you will have to enter the reason for deactivation and time till you want to deactivate and enter the password once again , before you deactivate the account of Facebook

This is how you deactivate the Facebook account

Create Facebook Event

Deactivate Facebook Account on Mobile,  Android, Tablets, iPhones :

So to deactivate the Facebook account is similar in all the screens and its a simple process to make the deletion complete in the few minutes. Even the Deactivation of FB account you have kept is 20 day s or more you can get back to you Facebook account any time any where

Conclusion :

This is a simple process to deactivate the Facebook account , it can be done very easily and you can do it any where any time and get back when ever you want to get back