Facebook Tricks and Tips 2016 , FB tricks and Tips for Smartphones , PC, MAC

Facebook Tips and Tricks :

Hello everyone this article is a list of all the Facebook Tips and Tricks 2016 . In this articles you can learns all the important tips and tricks of Facebook for Android , Smartphones , Tablets , Windows and MAC . etc . The Facebook is known to be the top platform which is used by billions of users everyday .

List of Facebook Tips and Tricks 2016 :

Facebook Tips and Tricks 2016

We will list all the useful Facebook tips and Tricks which can be useful any time .

  • Learn Different Types of Facebook Groups

Yes there are different types of Facebook Groups . You can know about them in details in our post on ALLTECHSERV . To know about Different types of Facebook Groups

  • How to Join Facebook Groups

Yes you have Got a Good overview of Different types of Facebook Groups now we will learn about How to Join Facebook Groups . This is the Second Facebook tips and tricks for 2016

  • Change Facebook Username

Sometimes while using the Facebook you Get a thought to Change Facebook Profile name or change Facebook Username


  • Change Facebook Password

Password is compulsory for any online account . Also to frequently change the Facebook Account password is necessary . So learn how to change Facebook password or Change FB password

Few more Facebook (FB) tips and tricks 2016 :

So here are Few more tips for you you can follow the tips and get good results .

  • Block Someone of Facebook

Want to block someone on Facebook who is irritating are not at all interested at your then follow how to Block someone on Facebook

  • Post YouTube Videos on Facebook

Yes do you want to post the YouTube Video’s on Facebook and not know exact procedure then follwo How to  Post YouTube Video’s on Facebook .

post youtube video on facebook

  • Create an Event on Facebook

Yes a Event on Facebook , you want to Create but Don’t Know How  , then follow How to Create Facebook Event

  • Recover Facebook Password

So Forgot Facebook Password or wanna Recover Facebook password , yes it can be easily done . Go to the links there and get the usefull change you want to have to your Facebook Account .

Conclusion :

These are the Few Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2016 . Follow them and make your necessary comments .