How to Report a Post on Facebook

Report a Post on Facebook :

The Facebook news-feed as lots of stories from all the people you are friends with and you follow them . You click like on the post you like , you share if its interesting  and comment down on the post if necessary . All these are done if you find something good or something you like in the Facebook post . But what if you find something which you don’t like or some false statement or some annoying content . Report the Postis the best option . don’t know how to report a post . This article is on How to Report a Facebook Post

How to Report a Facebook Post :

If you find the Post that is worth reporting then follow the few steps below and report a post to Facebook . ALso know how to Block someone on Facebook

  • Login to you Facebook account ..
  • Found a post of Annoying content or any other click on the down arrow button on right top corner of the post
  • A drop down menu with the appears , find REPORT POST and click on it
  • When you click on the report post you will find a pop-up window

report fb post

  • Click on the option you find most relevant to the post
  • Click on Continue and You will find Submit for Facebook Review for “It shouldn’t be on Facebook ” option

report a post on Facebook

  • Send them for the Facebook Review , you can unfollow the people who sent the message .

By this way you can report a post on Facebook

FB Post Report Option ( :

The FB post report option can help you have the good posts on your newsfeed , also make you spend good time on the Facebook . Learn how to Recover Facebook password   or Change Facebook Password.


You an report any post on the Facebook and submit for thee review . Think the Post helps you , Comment down your queries on How to Report a Facebook Post