Post by Email to WordPress blog (WordPress Self Hosted Blog)

Publish Post in WordPress blog by Email :

What you read is right , you have a facility to publish a post by email on your WordPress blog or Custom domain WordPress blog with the Simple process and it can be done in few minutes . So in this article you can get the details on how to post through email , and it is very useful to post on the blog through email which is helpful and handy. It can used in very positive way . Learn on How to Post by email in wordpress blogs

How to Setup Post by mail in WordPress blogs :

So its very nice to post with the mail , before you post by mail you have to install a plugin to post by mail on your blog or website . So install the WordPress JetPack plugin

Jetpack Plugin by WordPress to Post by mail :

Yes the Jetpack Plugin is a plugin from the WordPress itself , where you need to download and install on your blog . If you want to know how to install WordPress plugins by WordPress . Then after you Install the WordPress plugin then it can be helpful and easy . Open the Jetpack Plugin and Activate them .

  • Open the Settings in Jetpack
  • You will have a menu to where you will have the POST BY MAIL section , click and open the EDIT option

post by email in wordpress

  • Then you need to configure and you will need to GENERATE the mail id to post on the WordPress blog by mail
  • After you Get the mail , if any mail sent to the GENERATED MAIL then it can be easily updated

Post by Mail in Self Hosted WordPress blog :

So if have completed the setup in mail , then go to the your own mail id , enter the compose mail and in send to place enter the Generated mail address and send a mail address and you can find the post is sent and post on WordPress blog which is sent on mail .