as changed its mail UI(User Interface) UI Change :

The or is a web portal from India which provides different types of services likes news , free email service , Business and Stock trade news etc . The site ets millions of visitors every month and also its mail service as the good number of registered users . The Mail is free to use and it can be registered for free . Signup is also a easy process and can be done in few minutes .

User Interface of Mail is being changed :

Every web page must have the good user interface so that users can easily go through the website easily and the good user interface gives the good user experience which is added benefit for the webmasters . Recently the mail service as alter the mail interface which as got the good applause from its users and the change is totally implemented throughout all the accounts for the users .

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rediffmail ui change

Features of Rediff Mail service new User Interface :

The User Interface has got new features , i,e if the mail is opened in the new tab and any new mail is arrived in the Inbox , then a bell sound rings to notify the mail is being arrived . This is the new feature added to the There are many other features also added  and to create email account without verification

the above is the good process .

Conclusion :

The User interface change as got the good reviews and recently all the sites are changing there designs . any Queries on User Interface comment down below …