Remove/Edit Footer Links from the WordPress Theme/Template – How to

Remove Footer Links in a Website :

The Footer links are the Credit links , link of the site which contain Copyright marks , All Rights Reserved .etc . Some times you also found the Footer “Powered by WordPress ” mark in the Footer and you want to remove the footer from the WordPress theme or Template . Then this it article for you. There is no need of expert level of coding skills to edit or remove the Footer links from the WordPress theme.

How to Remove WordPress footer links from WordPress Theme :

install wordpress template

So to remove a Footer links follow the below steps and complete the removal or editing process of footer link in the theme.  Change Facebook password

  • To Remove Footer link or Edit a footer link you need to login in to WordPress dashboard, So login into your WordPress Dashboard
  • Then on the Left sidebar in the Dashboard you will APPEARANCE , click and open that and you will have Editor option
  • Then open the Editor and you will have the coding of the Whole theme
  • On the Right of the Editor board you will have Footer , Open the Footer and you need to open and Remove the Footer links in that column
  • After you EDIT FOOTER LINK or REMOVE FOOTER LINK then update

Check your site and you can find the Footer link is being removed or edited

Footer link removal| Edit Footer link :

We can also edit or remove footer link from the site or Template of your WordPress site , from theme options of your site if provided by the Template and some times you will not be able to remove the Footer link at all due some Encrypted coding that will not allow you to remove Footer link, so to remove the template you need to buy the License of the Template