Send YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp|Share YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp

Send YouTube Video’s on Whatsapp :

Hello everyone in this article we are going to learn on how to Share YouTube video on Whatsapp or Send YouTube Video on Whatsapp . In many forums many people are asking the same question on how to send a YouTube video . Its easy to share the video’s on Whatsapp and i think everyone know how to share video’s on Whatsapp i.e simply add from your Gallery . block contacts on Whatsapp

How to Share YouTube Video on Whatsapp :

add contacts to whatsapp

The Whatsapp is being developed as an platform to send messages , small video’s ,pics, audio files . So they have limited the amount of data that can be transferred as a video at at time . So the amount of data that can be sent is 16mb at once . So a video or file more than 16 mb will not be able to transfer through Whatsapp .

  • Post Youtube Videos on Facebook
  •    So to Share a YouTube video you need to download it to your mobile , compress it with the available apps to less than 16 mb and then share the video or divided with the Video editors and share as the parts .

Share YouTube Video Links to Share YouTube video’s on Whatsapp :

So to Share aa YouTube video there is other process , i.e to copy and paste the YouTube video link on the Whatsapp and its the better way to send the YouTube video which will help you to send the video , without losing much data , time and effort . So Share the YouTube video link and save your time and Data .

Conclusion :

So to Share YouTube Video on Whatsapp is to share the link of the Youtube video which can be more effective and effort less ….